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    • Evaluation Kit for RN-42 Class 2 Bluetooth Module
    • Evaluation Kit for RN-42 Class 2 Bluetooth Module


    The RN-42-EKRN-42-EK is a fully certified Class 2 Bluetooth evaluation kit for the RN42 module. It has the flexibility to connect directly to a PC via a standard USB interface or to embedded processors through the TTL UART interface. The status LEDs, switches, and signal headers enable rapid prototyping and integration into existing systems.

    The RN 42 is a small form factor, low power, class 2 Bluetooth radio for designer’s who want to add wireless capability to their products. The RN 42 supports multiple interface protocols, is simple to design in, and is fully certified, making it a complete embedded Bluetooth solution. The RN 42 is functionally compatible with the RN 41. With its high performance, on-chip antenna and support for Bluetooth EDR, the RN 42 delivers up to a 3 Mbps data rate for distances up to 20 meters.

    Applications: Cable replacement, Barcode scanners /readers


    • Evaluation board with USB interface
    • Fully certified Bluetooth 2.1 EDR/2.1/2.0/1.1 module
    • Low power (8-30 mA connected, 2 mA idle)
    • Embedded Bluetooth stack profiles included (requires no host stack): GAP, SDP, RFCOMM and L2CAP, with SPP, HID, and DUN profiles
    • Supports various modes including HCI and SPP/DUN
    • FCC, IC, CE certified, RoHS compliant

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