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    • PGA113 Evaluation Module Rev B
    • PGA113 Evaluation Module Rev B


    The PGA113EVM is an evaluation module that is used to fully evaluate the PGA113 programmable gain amplifier. The PGA113EVM consists of two printed circuit boards (PCBs). One board (the SM-USB-DIG Platform) generates the digital signals required to communicate with the PGA113.

    The second board is the PGA113EVM Target Board. It provides connections to the I2C™ on the SM-USB-DIG Platform board. It also provides connection points for external connection of the Input Voltage, Reference Voltage, SCL and SDA, Output Voltage and Power Supply.

    The PGA112 and PGA113 (binary/scope gains) offer two analog inputs, a three-pin SPI interface, and software shutdown in an MSOP-10 package. The PGA116 and PGA117 (binary/scope gains) offer 10 analog inputs, a four-pin SPI interface with daisy-chain capability, and hardware and software shutdown in a TSSOP-20 package.


    • Remote e-Meter Reading
    • Automatic Gain Control
    • Portable Data Acquisition
    • PC-Based Signal Acquisition Systems
    • Test and Measurement
    • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Battery-Powered Instruments
    • Handheld Test Equipment


    • Fully self-contained. Requires only a personal computer for complete evaluation platform.
    • Selectable Precision Input Options.
    • Convenient USB Interface.
    • Selectable Internal/External Power, I2C, and option for external input and output connection.

    Ships With

    • 10 position ribbon extension cable
    • CD-ROM
    • USB Extension Cable
    • SBOC272, PGA112/113EVM Software (Rev. A)
    • SBOC426, PGA112/113EVM Source Code
    • SBOU073, PGA112/113EVM Users Guide (Rev. A)
    • SBOS424, Zero-Drift Programmable Gain Amplifier with MUX (Rev. B)

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