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    • Evaluation Kit for OmniVision Image Sensor Applications with DS90UB901Q/DS90UB902Q FPD-Link III
    • Evaluation Kit for OmniVision Image Sensor Applications with DS90UB901Q/DS90UB902Q FPD-Link III


    The SERDESUB-16OVT is an evaluation kit designed to demonstrate performance and capabilities of the DS90UB901Q and DS90UB902Q FPD-Link III Serializer/Deserializer Chipset for use with the OmniVision sensors. This serves as an add-on to the OmniVision development systems by providing a serialized digital interface between camera and controller.

    The Serializer board provides LVCMOS inputs and a bidirectional control channel (I2C compatible) from the Image Sensor and is converted to a FPD-Link III LVDS data pair on the DS90UB901Q Tx board. The DS90UB902Q Rx board receives the FPD-Link III LVDS serialized data stream and converts it back into parallel LVCMOS signals and clock together with the bidirectional control channel (I2C).


    Features of DS90UB901Q:

    • 10 MHz to 43 MHz Input PCLK Support
    • 160 Mbps to 688 Mbps Data Throughput
    • Single Differential Pair Interconnect
    • Bidirectional Control Interface Channel with I2C Support
    • Embedded Clock with DC Balanced Coding to Support AC-Coupled Interconnects
    • Capable to Drive up to 10 Meters Shielded Twisted-Pair
    • I2C Compatible Serial Interface
    • Single Hardware Device Addressing Pin
    • 16-bit Data Payload with CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) for Checking Data Integrity
    • Up to 6 Programmable GPIO's
    • LOCK Output Reporting Pin and AT-SPEED BIST Diagnosis Feature to Validate Link Integrity
    • Integrated Termination Resistors
    • 1.8V- or 3.3V-Compatible Parallel Bus Interface
    • Single Power Supply at 1.8V
    • ISO 10605 ESD and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Compliant
    • Automotive Grade Product: AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Qualified
    • Temperature Range −40°C to 105°C
    • No Reference Clock Required on Deserializer
    • Programmable Receive Equalization
    • EMI/EMC Mitigation
      • DES Programmable Spread Spectrum (SSCG) Outputs
      • DES Receiver Staggered Outputs

    Ships With

    • One SERDESUB-16OVT Serializer Board with the DS90UB901Q
    • One SERDESUB-16OVT Deserializer Board with the DS90UB902Q

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