Version 15
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    Supported Devices:

    • ATmega168
    • ATmega168P
    • ATmega1284
    • ATmega1284P
    • ATmega162
    • ATmega164A

    The ATSTK600-SC01 is a Generic socketcard for devices in DIP package up to 40 pin.

    The STK600 starter kit has a sandwich design to match a specific part package and pin out to the generic pin headers. It also features an expansion area where most part pins are available. While the variety of IC packages is relatively limited, the number of possible pinouts increases rapidly with the number of pins. The routing / socket card design provides a lowcost solution to support upcoming devices as the socket is the cost driving factor.

    Socket cards route each pin from the IC socket to separate pins on the spring loaded connectors on the bottom side, facing the routing card. As all routing is handled by the routing card, even power lines and power decoupling is ignored at the socket card. This produces less than ideal power design, which may lead to unwanted noise, ground bounce, and other effects. It should therefore be expected that heavily loaded designs cannot run at full speed on the STK600. Likewise, such power design is not recommended for custom designs.

    Note : The Socket card requires a Routing card and a STK600 motherboard to support the selected device.


    Schematics / Layout filesSchematics for ATSTK600-SC01 (.pdf)