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    • Evaluation Kit for ATxmega32E5 Microcontroller
    • Evaluation Kit for ATxmega32E5 Microcontroller


    The AVR XMEGA-E5 Xplained evaluation kit is a hardware platform to evaluate the Atmel ATxmega32E5 microcontroller. The kit offers a larger range of features that enables the Atmel AVR XMEGA user to get started using XMEGA peripherals right away and understand how to integrate the XMEGA device in their own design. The ATxmega32E5 on the XMEGA-E5 Xplained is pre-programmed with a default firmware.

    The Atmel AVR XMEGA is a family of low power, high performance, and peripheral rich 8/16-bit microcontrollers based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. By executing instructions in a single clock cycle, the AVR XMEGA devices achieve CPU throughput approaching one million instructions per second (MIPS) per megahertz, allowing the system designer to optimize power consumption versus processing speed.

    The AVR CPU combines a rich instruction set with 32 general purpose working registers. All 32 registers are directly connected to the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), allowing two independent registers to be accessed in a single instruction, executed in one clock cycle.


    • Building Automation
      • Comfort and Control
      • Fire and Security
    • Industrial Automation
      • Instruments
      • PLC and I/O Modules
    • Smart Energy
      • Electricity Meters
      • In-Home Display Units
    • Mobile Electronics
      • Mobile Phones
      • Portable Audio Players
      • Tablets and Notebooks
    • PC Peripherals
      • Audio I/O Devices
      • PC Accessories



    • AVR® ATxmega32E5 microcontroller
    • OLED display with 128×32 pixels resolution
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Analog filter
    • Digital I/O
    • Two mechanical buttons
    • Two user LEDs
    • Four expansion headers
    • Board controller with USB interface
    • One power LED and one status LED

    Ships With

    • Evaluation Board

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