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    • Evaluation Module for XTR111 - Precision Voltage-to-Current Converter/Transmitter
    • Evaluation Module for XTR111 - Precision Voltage-to-Current Converter/Transmitter


    The XTR111-2EVM is used for the basic functional evaluation of the XTR111.The XTR111-2EVM is initially configured to a basic setup for 0 mA to 20 mA operation with a 0-V to 5-Vinput. Note that although the accuracy of the gain setting resistor, RSET, used in the EVM is 0.1%, the XTR111 device has greater accuracy. The remaining resistors are standard 1%.The voltage regulator is set to 5 V. The EVM requires one external power-supply voltage with a range of 8 V to 40 V.

    The XTR111 is a precision voltage-to-current converter designed for the standard 0mA–20mA or 4mA–20mA analog signals, and can source up to 36mA. The ratio between input voltage and output current is set by the single resistor RSET. The circuit can also be modified for voltage output.

    An external P-MOSFET transistor ensures high output resistance and a broad compliance voltage range that extends from 2V below the supply voltage, VVSP, to voltages well below GND.


    • Universal voltage-controlled current source
    • Current or voltage output for 3-wire sensor systems
    • PLC output programmable driver
    • Current-mode sensor excitation


    • Easy handling of the small DFN package.
    • Easy access to all device pins.
    • Easily-configurable digital inputs (OD and EF) to disable the output, modify the output circuit forvoltage output, or apply a 4-mA signal shift.
    • LED indicator for the error flag
    • Output protection and filtering circuitry

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