Version 13
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    • I2C/SPI Interface
    • ISO14443B Protocol
    • NFC Tag Type- 4B Compliant
    • 3K bytes available for NDEF message storage
    • Interrupt to indicate end of read or end of write
    • Through holes of all pins for debug and development
    • On board antenna or optional external antenna connection (remove R3 and R4 for external antenna)

    The Texas Instruments RF430CL330H target board is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the RF430CL330H and help aid in the development process by providing a working hardware/firmware reference example for NFC operations.

    The Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder RF430CL330H is an NFC Tag Type 4 device that combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired SPI or I2C interface to connect the device to a host. The NDEF message in the SRAM can be written and read from the integrated SPI or I2C serial communication interface and can also be accessed and updated wirelessly through the integrated ISO14443B-compliant RF interface that supports up to 848 kbps.

    Applications: Bluetooth Pairing, Diagnostic Interface, Wi-Fi Configuration, Sensor Interface

    • RF430CL330H Target Board
    Schematics / Layout filesRF430CL330HTB Schematic and BOM (.zip)  
    Sample codeRF430CL330H Example Code (.zip)