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    EXPLORE NFC Board for Raspberry Pi


    EXPLORE-NFC-WW add-on board gives full Near Field Communications functionality to Raspberry Pi. This easy to use add-on board includes everything needed to get started with RFID on your Raspberry Pi Model A, B, and B . EXPLORE-NFC features three operation modes: Reader, Peer to Peer and Card Emulation modes. The board features an integrated high performance antenna and offers a flexible SPI interface.



    • High performance full NFC compliant expansion board for the Raspberry Pi®
    • Based on NXP PN512 full NFC forum compliant solution, and meets compliance with all 3 NFC modes (Reader, P2P and Card Emulation)
    • Reader mode supports 4 NFC tag types and NXP MIFARE proprietary commands
    • Software available at
    • Flexible interface selection (SPI or I²C), software currently supports SPI
    • Integrated high performance antenna
    • Complete with MIFARE RFID card

    Ships With

    • EXPLORE NFC Board


    Does it support I2C protocol to communicate between Reader IC and Raspberry Pi?
    No, At the moment, only the SPI protocol is ported for the communication between reader IC and the Raspberry Pi.
    How do we configure the Hardware?
    Please connect the hardware in the following order:
    1. Connect the EXPLORE-NFC board.
    Caution: Please take care to connect the extension-board in the right way.
    2. Put the SD card into the card reader of the Raspberry Pi.
    3. Connect the Raspberry Pi to a Monitor.
    4. Connect the Keyboard and the Mouse to the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi.
    5. Connect the USB power adapter to the Raspberry Pi and plug it into a socket.
    Please wait until the Raspberry Pi is booted and the login screen appears.
    What is the communication speed (data rate) with NFC?
    This depends on the chip used, here for Explore-NFC-WW, NXP based PN512 supports contactless communication at higher transfer speeds up to 424 kbit/s in both directions.
    How to activate SPI with Explore-NFC-WW?
    If this is the first start, the configuration menu for the Raspberry Pi will appear automatically. Otherwise type the following command to open that menu:
    sudo raspi-config .
    The option to activate SPI can be found as follows:
    Advanced Options →SPI<Yes>
    Now reboot your Raspberry Pi by typing the following command:
    sudo reboot .
    Does EXPLORE-NFC-WW supports Android?
    Yes, it does and messages can be sent to the NFC application that has been executed on the Raspberry Pi.

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