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    • 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
      • Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope with up to 12 bit analog sample resolution and high speed real-time waveform display
    • 40 MSPS x 8 Channel Logic Analyzer
      • Captures eight logic/timing signals together with sophisticated cross-triggers for precise multi-channel mixed signal measurements
    • Serial Logic and Protocol Analyzer
      • Capture and analyze SPI, CAN, I2C, UART & logic timing concurrently with analog. Solve complex system control problems with ease
    • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
      • Display analog waveforms and their spectra simultaneously in real-time. Baseband or RF signals with variable bandwidth control
    • Waveform and Clock Generators
      • Generate an arbitrary waveform and capture analog and digital signals concurently or create programmable logic and/or protocol patterns
    • Multi-Channel Data Recorder
      • Record to disk anything BitScope can capture. Allows off-line replay and waveform analysis. Export captured waveforms and logic signals

    BitScope "Micro" Model 5 is the world's first Mixed Signal Scope to include a powerful Logic Protocol Analyzer, Waveform & Pattern Generator, Spectrum Analyzer and Data Recorder in one tiny light weight water proof USB powered package.

    It's fully user programmable, captures digital and analog signals simultaneously at high speed to 12k buffer and can stream continuously direct to disk. BitScope Micro is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on x86 and ARM. It's your ideal test and measurement companion.



    • Micro Analyzer and Scope
    DriversBitScope Software (.html)

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