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    Get Your Embedded Linux Software Project to Market Successfully

    Having the right software infrastructure, tools, and support is crucial for getting projects out the door. Unfortunately, most companies neglect having the right software and support tools in place until late in the project, forcing delays and cancellations. For almost 20 years, Timesys has been a leader in embedded open source software, support, services, and training. With over 1000 embedded Linux projects completed and over an 80% loyalty rate, Timesys understands what companies need to get products to market on time and on budget.


    Starting with the Right Tools and Support

    LinuxLink and TimeStorm assist the design, develop, build, deploy, debug, optimize, and maintenance phases of development and supports Timesys’ own Factory and Yocto Project build systems for maximum development flexibility.

    • LinuxLink free and open award-winning software helping developers create the right software environment for their embedded devices.
    • TimeStorm an Eclipse-based IDE with a wide array of powerful tools integrating into a single embedded Linux power-user environment.
    • Professional embedded Linux support connects you to a responsive team of expert Linux engineers standing by to help you develop BSP/SDKs and/or applications for you target hardware through simple per-project based support packages.


    Supporting Your Projects to Ship

    Whether to choose Yocto Project or Factory build systems, troubleshooting build and runtime issues, ensuring the right choice of kernels, drivers, toolchains, and user space packages are areas where expertise counts and eliminates wasted time in the development cycle. Timesys’ offers professional embedded Linux support through a staff of dedicated, expert Linux engineers working closely with hundreds of developers and provides knowledge-of-scale at a price point that works for even the smallest of development shops.

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