Version 16
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    • 50 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4 based core
    • 512KB Flash, 64KB SRAM
    • Typical current consumption: 250 µA/MHz run, 1.7 µA RTC standby
    • IEEE-802.15.4 compliant
    • -102 dBM RX sensitivity and +8 dBm TX output power
    • Peak typical current consumption: 17mA TX (at 0 dBM) and 19mA max RX
    • Dual Personal Area Network (PAN) support in hardware Run two RF networks simultaneously
    • Active and passive tamper detection with RTC timestamp
    • Crypto engine: DES, 3DES, AES 128-256, SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5, RNG
    • USB 2.0 FS/LS H/D/OTG
    • 16-bit ADC
    • MCU operating range: 1.7V to 3.6V, -40C to +105C
    • Supply voltage: 5VDC

    The USB-KW24D512 board is an IEEE® 802.15.4 packet sniffer in a convenient USB dongle form factor. Packet sniffers are essential for wireless network development allowing over-the-air traffic monitoring. As a standalone board, it can also be utilized in a lab as a development platform and programmed as a network node for example.

    The USB-KW24D512 Packet Sniffer/Dongle is dual use hardware in a convenient USB dongle form factor for part numbers MKW22D512 and MKW24D512. As delivered, the device is programmed with 802.15.4 packet sniffer software that interfaces with Freescale’s Test Tool Protocol Analyzer as well as most commercially available 802.15.4 packet sniffer programs. Packet sniffers are essential for wireless network development allowing monitoring of over-the-air traffic. The USB-KW24D512 hardware can also be used as a development boards or re-programmed with application software as a network node.

    • USB-KW24D512 packet sniffer/dongle
    • Quick start guide
    • USB cable