Version 17
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    • Graphical user interface (GUI) to program regulator voltages and start up sequences, save and recall user defined configuration files and develop configuration macros with a powerful scripting tool
    • Generates voltage for programming the OTP registers
    • USB to I2C interface to access device registers
    • LED indicators for easy monitoring of programming status
    • Standard mini-USB (Type B) connector for communication with PC

    The KITPFPGMEVME development tool, also known as the PF Programmer, is a standalone device designed for configuring and programming the SMARTMOS PF Family of Power Management Integrated Circuit devices. It is designed to control and program PF devices on customer application boards through an 8-pin header interface, as well as the KITPF0100 SKTEVBE programming socket device for OTP programming of standalone PF devices.

    Note: NXP recommends the use of the KITPF0100SKTEVBE to support programming and verification of the MMPF0100 devices, while using the KITPFPGMEVME.



    • KITPFPGMEVME PF Series Programmer
    • Flat ribbon cable (8-conductor)
    • Mini-USB cable
    • Quick start guide
    • Technical support brochure
    • Warranty card