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    • Evaluation Board for MPC5566 Qorivva 32-bit MCU
    • Evaluation Board for MPC5566 Qorivva 32-bit MCU


    The MPC55xxEVB evaluation kits include everything necessary to begin development with the MPC55xx family of MCUs. A comprehensive set of hardware and software development tool options are available including a free flash programmer, initialization tools and assembly-level debug tool.

    Designed for engine management, the Qorivva MPC5566 32-bit embedded controller is the first device from NXP's Qorivva MPC55xx family to integrate 3 MB of embedded flash memory, qualified for the harshest automotive environment and offering full read while write (RWW) capability. This provides developers with a cost-effective medium to support more sophisticated, memory-intensive timing and control functionality. Containing the Power Architecture® technology, the Qorivva MPC5566 is ideal for any application that requires complex, real-time control and it offers system performance of up to five times that of its MPC500 predecessors, with the reliability and familiarity of proven Power Architecture technology.

    Applications: Multi-point fuel injection control, Electronically controlled transmissions, Direct diesel injection, Gasoline direct injection, Avionics, High-end motion control, Military, Heavy Industries


    • Breadboard area, access to all signals
    • Nexus connectors (MICTOR and 14-pin Berg). Footprint for robust connector
    • 32-channel eTPU connector
    • One CAN with PHY (auto temp qualified)
    • One LIN transceiver with PHY
    • One RS-232 transceiver with PHY
    • Eight LEDs
    • Four push buttons – one with hardware debounce, eight SPST switches
    • Two Potentiometers
    • One Audio Speaker with amplifier
    • UNI-3 Motor Interface connector plus sensor connector
    • MPC5554EVB & MPC5567EVB - 128Kx32 external SRAM
    • MPC5553EVB & MPC5534EVB - 256Kx16 external SRAM
    • MPC5553EVB - 10/100 Ethernet with PHY (National Semiconductor's PHY, DP83848YB, available in -40 to 125°C)
    • MPC5567EVB - Connectors and Transceivers for dual-channel FlexRay
    • MPC5566EVB - Has the same features as the MPC5553 EVB and the same schematics

    Ships With

    • Tools
      • USB Power Architecture® Nexus Multilink
    • Compiler Only
      • CodeWarrior (Demo Software)
    • Full IDE (Demo Software Only)
      • Green Hills
      • iSYSTEM (GNU other compilers)
      • P&E Micro (GNU compiler free 64k debugger)
      • Lauterbach
      • Ashling (GNU compiler)
    • Initialization Software
      • Treck Ethernet Stack (Demo Software)

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