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    Viorel M. Alexe
    Project: Christmas Tree Lights & Santa Monitor
    I will build an application using the Infineon Lighting RGB LED Arduino Shield that can light a Christmas tree, 2 house windows and an aquarium at one of the the windows all with different cyclical colours each minute or each hour.
    Also, the Arduino Uno will ring an electronic bell, at the door either at 12:00 o'clock when "Santa" comes (or if anyone comes near the door) and play a song by the help of an mp3 player, if it snows, using IR sensors.

    The whole application can be controlled either automatically, or manually by Arduino Yún over the internet.

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    Stephen Baird
    United States
    Project: Integrated LED Control

    My initial thoughts on a project run along the lines of integrated control of LED down lighting beneath a tree and lighting on the tree itself which can be controlled through a web interface running on the Yún and accessible to any device on the local network. Or, possibly, a very large number of individually addressable LEDs on a tree or outdoor display that can be manipulated to produce images or text. Or even a very fancy tree-topper covered in a dense array of small LEDs which can produce a variety of designs and patterns. Each of these ideas should leave additional capabilities open on the controlling device, sufficient to add in additional functionality (like tree water level checks, or temperature sensors) making each IoT device more than just a light controller.

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    Jan Cumps
    Project: Christmas Wreath of Things
    The wreath is a combination of mechanics, electronics and internet connectivity.
    For each advent week, there will be a light. above the light is a filter that hides all four lights initialy, and will reveal a light each sunday, 'candle wreath style'.
    Microcontrollers are used to motor-drive the optical filter. The internet will be used 'IoT compliant', to check what date it is, and reveal the correct number of lights based on that.
    The wreath will work every year without user input. Plug it in and it will adjust itself to the right state of advent.
    My aim is to give this either a K'Nex or steampunk look and feel.
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    Massimiliano Dibitonto
    Project: Interactive Objects

    I think that interactive objects should be easy but also fun to use. That they start to be useful when they stop to be only a gadget, but also that a gadget should give great satisfactions! When I create things I try to give them a behaviour and a personality, especially when connected to social networks.

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    Jack Franklin
    United Kingdom
    Project: Interactive Christmas Tree

    I am planning to create an interactive Christmas tree, with the RGB strips, that will change colour intensity and animation depending on the sound of the room to adapt to the mood. As I usually have most of the family round, the tree will change depending on the pace etc of the conversations, and also to the music being played. I'm sure that this will add an extra festive touch to our Christmas compared to the monotone Christmas lights we usually have.

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    Matteo Furlan
    Project: Smart Home Entrance

    My idea is to create a management system for a smart house, in particular as regards the entrance area of the house.

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    Gurinder Singh Gill
    Project: The Fun Thing

    The family reunion and family masti (Hindi for fun) is what we love the most during the festive seasons. Well, I present to you my proposal of taking this masti to a whole new level, to take the help of technology and enhance the way you enjoy your holiday's. I present to you "The Fun Thing" Project. The idea of the project is to make any object interactive, i.e. the thing such as a Christmas tree, your Living Room, etc will respond to you when you want, and meanwhile make the thing Internet accessible. Imagine on Christmas you came looking for Santa and while you are searching suddenly a part of the tree glows! You go near and find that Santa has left you a present, or you have invited your friends to hang out at your place on the New Year's Eve, and just by a touch on your Smartphone app, you could change the entire aesthetics of your room, creating a different vibe, a different persona for others to perceive.

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    Saurabh Gohe
    Project: Smartphone Controlled Lighting System

    I was looking for a opportunity to work with smartphone controlled lighting system: Arduino Yún is the easiest way for me to do this through the internet and the Infineon RGB LED Lighting Shield is powerful enough to run a RGB strip. Arduino Yún is simply the best Arduino because it can be programmed via Wi-Fi.

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    Lukas Hornby
    United Kingdom
    Project: Christmas & New Year Lighting Display

    I would look to create an application using the Arduino Kit to produce a Christmas and New Year lighting display that interacts with environmental inputs such as sound and/or vibration. This would be used to complement another project I am working on using Mandlebrot sequences to make visualisations. The culmination of this project would be a live run for a New Years Eve music event. The venue for this event is a popular, artist-run collaborate space with workshops, dance studio, and innovation hub.

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    Jordan Lui
    Project: Apartment Lighting Extravaganza

    I will use these products to develop a holiday lighting setup that interacts with proximity/movement of people nearby, and and also reacts in time to music playing in the background. My anticipated physical applications include a lighting assembly mounted in a wreath, alighting array in a Christmas Tree layout, or potentially controlling lights strung all through my apartment. One potential idea would be to mount it to my door, and have it react when my visitors come by I believe this could be a starter project for a future bigger apartment lighting extravaganza!

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    Clem Martins
    United States
    Project: A Sparkle Light Christmas Ball

    With Christmas coming around the corner, our family likes to get together and make a project for fun and games. My sister did this a few years back and challenged me to improve on it. So here is our idea: take some solo cups from the store. Add some LED's and computer know how to build the Sparkle Light Christmas Ball. This can get the young and the young at heart working to make this project.

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    Peter Oakes
    Project: BYOB (Bring Your Own Bulbs) Party

    Time to put aside our differences and have a good time, that's Party that end, The Master of communications "Mrs Yún" is throwing a party to celebrate, along with long time friend and mentor "Mr Uno and his wife Infineon" This will be a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bulbs) party as the budget is tight and there is no desire to indulge excessive displays of brilliance at the expense of Mrs. Yún. They have invited a few friends to the party, some of which don't speak the same language and may have difficulty talking to each other. Fortunately "Mrs Yún" is a linguistics master and is able to converse with everyone , and for the occasion will be donning her special accessories that make this possible.

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    Mohan Palanisamy
    United States
    Project: WiFi Enabled Christmas Tree
    My proposal is to build a WiFi enabled Christmas tree in such way that it can react to RGB data coming over WiFi from a wireless controller. The wireless controller designed to be used by kids (a pizza box with cups on top that contain LDRs) will publish the RGB data as MQTT message to the Eclipse IoT sandbox server.
    The WiFi Christmas tree (with lights controlled through the LED shield) will subscribe to the MQTT channel and change the lighting based on the MQTT message.

    Since the controller is designed to be interacted with by kids, I expect the LED shield to be stress tested with the wildly fluctuating data. I will also be monitoring the latency of the MQTT channel.

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    Aby Raj
    Project: Net Controlled Musical Light for Christmas

    In this project, I would like to make a complete light and sound system which would be controlled over the internet. The Arduino Uno will be used as the primary controller hardware for the lights and the music. speaking about the outputs, it will consist of a 1) light bulb chaser system with phase control, 2) LED lights and 3) sound output. Two types of LEDs will be used in the project....simple SMD LED strips and RGB LEDs. Using the Infineon controller the RGB LED lines will be controlled and brightness control will be given.

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    Inderpreet Singh
    Project: IoT Holiday Mood Lighting

    Our living room is neither very big nor very 'fashionable' but it's the place where we entertain all our guests. This holiday season I plan to do something about the look and feel of the place...the IoT end of the decor is RGB LEDs which are connected to the Internet. Instead of using strips, of LEDs, I plan to use RGB LED chains.

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    Francesco Truzzi
    Project: Arduino Light Spots
    I am working on building different "light spots" each using an Arduino + ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, which is controlled by my computer and can be connected to RGB LEDs or strips.

    My idea is then to build a "controller box" with another Arduino which can choose and connect to the different Arduinos and control all the lights individually. It will have 3 pots for color-choosing and a LCD + joystick for user input.

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    Eric Tsai
    United States
    Project: Sensors, Lights & Sounds

    My intention is to use the the Infineon shield on the Yun, and use MQTT to control the lighting.  A Raspberry Pi runs Mosquitto (MQTT server), as well as OpenHAB.  I have several use cases planned: for example, when someone approaches the driveway, I can have the front window lights flash a greeting and play a short audio clip.  This would be neat effect for Christmas parties - doing lights and sound.  The sensor integrates with OpenHAB, which initiates MQTT topics and messages cause the lighting changes.

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    Madhuri Vaghasia
    Project: IoT Variable Lighting Effects

    I will design IoT based color lightings using the Infineon Lightning RGB LED Arduino Shield and Arduino Yún. In my application I will use simple RGB LED strip to create variable brightness effects and NeoPixel RGB LED Strip which create awesome lightning pattern (Waves, running light etc..), which is controlled from internet or intranet using an Android/IoS smart phone application.

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    Frederick Vandenbosch
    Project: Classic & Modern Christmas Tree
    My holiday lights idea is about making a Christmas tree with classic and modern elements.
    The classic element would be the base of the tree, where I would hollow a wood log in order to stuff the electronics in (Arduino Yun + Infineon Shield).

    The modern element will obviously be the lights. I'd like to use a combination of LED strips (addressable and non-addressable) to create a Christmas tree shape and tree topper.

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    Darcy Walker
    United States
    Project: Parent & Child IoT Holiday Project

    I have a daughter who is very interested in electronics and will be helping with the creative elements of the design. The uninhibited creative thoughts of a child are second to none!

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    Robert Waters
    United States
    Project: Yearly Upgradeable Holiday Lights

    For the last few years I have wanted to make one of those cool light displays. However, my wife has not allocated me any funds to do so.  Maybe this contest will show her what my vision is for the display allowing me to do it next year. This would be a yearly upgrade project as her father collects displays from the goodwill, we already have more then we can display that he has given us.

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