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    • IAR Starter Kit for STM32 F1 series Connectivity Line microcontrollers (STM32F107VC MCU)
    • IAR Starter Kit for STM32 F1 series Connectivity Line microcontrollers (STM32F107VC MCU)


    The IAR KickStart Kit™ is a complete, cost-effective solution for starting application development and evaluating the STMicroelectronics STM32F105/107 ARM core-based microcontrollers.

    The STM3210C-SK/IAR is a KickStart kit providing all the hardware and software you need to start developing applications including the KickStart development board with target microcontroller, the IAR J-Link in-circuit debugger/programmer (USB/JTAG) and IAR Embedded WorkBench for ARM (EWARM) integrated development environment with the KickStart edition of the IAR C/C compiler (output code up to 32 Kbytes), built-in Flash loader and sample projects for all device peripherals.

    The STM32F105xx and STM32F107xx connectivity line family incorporates the high-performance ARM®Cortex®-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency, high-speed embedded memories (Flash memory up to 256 Kbytes and SRAM 64 Kbytes), and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to two APB buses. All devices offer two 12-bit ADCs, four general-purpose 16-bit timers plus a PWM timer, as well as standard and advanced communication interfaces: up to two I2Cs, three SPIs, two I2Ss, five USARTs, an USB OTG FS and two CANs. Ethernet is available on the STM32F107xx only.

    Applications: motor drives and application control, medical and handheld equipment, industrial applications, PLCs, inverters, printers, and scanners, alarm systems, video intercom, HVAC and home audio equipment.


    • The IAR Embedded WorkBench®for ARM (EWARM) software package with:
    • KickStart™ C/C compiler for output of code up to 32 Kbytes
    • VisualSTATE®code generator, 20-state version
    • C-SPY®high-level language debugger
    • Editor, linker and librarian tools
    • Embedded J-Link in-circuit debugger/ programmer with USB interface to host PC and 20-pin JTAG application interface
    • Full-featured KickStart development board with target microcontroller

    Ships With

    • Board
    • CD-ROM

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