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    • Kinetis KL25Z Freedom Platform with Wifi Shield Kit
    • Kinetis KL25Z Freedom Platform with Wifi Shield Kit


    The FRDM-KL25Z Freedom development platform is a set of software and hardware tools for evaluation and development. This platform is a small, low-power, cost-efficient evaluation and development system for quick application prototyping and demonstration based on the Kinetis L series, the industry's first microcontrollers built on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor.

    The development platform combines an industry-standard form factor with a rich set of third-party expansion board options. Using this platform to speed development, applications such as small appliances, gaming accessories, portable medical systems, audio systems, smart meters, lighting and power control, can now leverage 32-bit capabilities and the scalability needed to expand future product lines, all at 8- and 16-bit price and power consumption levels.

    The Arduino WiFi Shield connects your Arduino to the internet wirelessly. Connect it to your wireless network by following a few simple instructions to start controlling your world through the internet. As always with Arduino, every element of the platform – hardware, software and documentation – is freely available and open-source. This means you can learn exactly how it's made and use its design as the starting point for your own circuits.

    The WiFi Shield communicates with Arduino using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header), so is compatible with any of the boards that have this type of bus. This version of WiFi shield have an integrated antenna on the PCB, what you have to do is just connect the shield to the Arduino.


    Features of Kinetis KL25Z Freedom Platform:

    • KL25Z128VLK4-Cortex-M0 MCU with:
      • 128kB flash, 16kB SRAM
      • Up to 48MHz operation
      • USB full-speed controller
    • OpenSDA-sophisticated USB debug interface
    • Tri-color LED
    • Capacitive touch “slider”
    • NXP MMA8451Q accelerometer
    • Flexible power supply options
      • Power from either on-board USB connector
      • Coin cell battery holder (optional population option)
      • 5V to 9Vvin from optional IO header
      • 5V provided to optional IO header
      • 3.3V to or from optional IO header
    • Reset button
    • Expansion IO form factor accepts peripherals designed for Arduino™-compatible hardware


    Features of Arduino Wifi Shield:

    • Requires an Arduino board (not included)
    • Operating voltage 5V (supplied from the Arduino Board)
    • Connection via: 802.11b/g networks
    • Encryption types: WEP and WPA2 Personal
    • Connection with Arduino on SPI port
    • on-board micro SD slot
    • ICSP headers
    • FTDI connection for serial debugging of WiFi shield
    • Mini-USB for updating WiFi shield firmware

    Ships With

    • One Samtec Socket, 2.54mm, 1 × 6 Pos (SSW-106-01-T-S)
    • Two Samtec Socket, 2.54mm, 1 × 8 Pos (SSW-108-01-T-S)
    • One Samtec Socket, 2.54mm, 1 × 10 Pos (SSW-110-01-T-S)
    • Three Samtec Header, 2.54mm, THT VERT, 2 Pos (TSW-102-07-T-S)
    • One Multicomp Mini USB cable (SPC20060)
    • One Freedom Platform (FRDM-KL25Z)
    • One Arduino Wifi Shield

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