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    Si86xx Isolator Evaluation Kit


    The Si86xxISO evaluation board allows designers to evaluate Silicon Lab's family of CMOS ultra-low-power isolators. These isolators are CMOS devices employing RF coupler technology to transmit digital information across an isolation barrier. Very high speed operation at low power levels is achieved. These products are based on Silicon Laboratories’ proprietary RF isolation technology and offer shorter propagation delays, lower power consumption, improved noise immunity, smaller installed size, and more stable operation with temperature and age versus opto couplers.

    The Si86xx isolator evaluation kit includes several 5 kV isolators. This board is intended to simplify basic functional testing and engineering validation of various isolation product configurations.

    The Si861x/2x/3x/4x/5x/6x include up to six unidirectional isolated channels, permitting data transmission up to 150 Mbps. The Si860x isolator series consists of single-package galvanic isolation solutions for I2C, SMBus, and PMBus serial port applications.



    The evaluation board is populated with the following:
    • Si8600 5 kV bidirectional I2C isolator
    • Si8605 5 kV bidirectional I2C isolator
    • Si8621 3.75 kV 2-channel isolator
    • Si8655 1 kV 5-channel isolator
    • Si8663 5 kV 6-channel isolator
    • Si8663 3.75 kV 6-channel isolator

    Ships With

    • Si86xxISO based evaluation board (Si86xxISO- EVB)
    • Si8600, Si8605, Si8621, Si8655, and Si8663 CMOS digital isolators installed on the evaluation board

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