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    • PICDEM Full Speed USB Demonstration and Evaluation Board for the PIC18F4550 Family
    • PICDEM Full Speed USB Demonstration and Evaluation Board for the PIC18F4550 Family


    The PICDEM™ FS-USB is a demonstration and evaluation board for the PIC18F4550 family of Flash microcontrollers with full speed USB 2.0 interface. The board contains a PIC18F4550 microcontroller in a 44-pin TQFP package, representing the superset of the entire family of devices offering many features.

    The board comes pre-loaded with a USB bootloader that demonstrates the Enhanced Flash memory capabilities of the device. The PIC18F4550 can be re-programmed in circuit without an external programmer.

    A CD-ROM is also included in the kit which contains full documentation about the board, application notes and software libraries for support of the HID, CDC and custom classes.

    The PIC18F4550 MCU family is ideal for low power (nanoWatt) and connectivity applications that benefit from the availability of three serial ports: FS-USB(12Mbit/s), I²C™ and SPI™ (up to 10 Mbit/s) and an asynchronous (LIN capable) serial port (EUSART). Large amounts of RAM memory for buffering and Enhanced Flash program memory make it ideal for embedded control and monitoring applications that require periodic connection with a (legacy free) personal computer via USB for data upload/download and/or firmware updates.

    Key Applications: Embedded Control and Monitoring.


    • 20 MHz crystal
    • serial port connector/interface (for demonstration of migration from legacy applications)
    • connection to the MPLAB® ICD 2 In Circuit Debugger
    • voltage regulation, with the ability to switch from external power supply to USB bus supply
    • expansion connector, compatible with the PICtail™ daughter boards standard
    • temperature sensor TC77 (connected to the SPI bus)
    • potentiometer (connected to RA0 input) for A/D conversion demonstrations
    • 2 LEDs for status display
    • 2 input switches
    • reset button
    • Board contains PIC18F4550 MCU in a 44-pin TQFP package
      • 48 MHz maximum operating speed (12 MIPS)
      • 32 Kbytes of Enhanced Flash memory
      • 2 Kbytes of RAM (of which 1 Kbyte dual port)
      • 256 bytes of data EEPROM
      • Full Speed USB 2.0 interface (capable of 12 Mbit/s data tranfers), including FS-USB transceiver and voltage regulator

    Ships With

    • Evaluation Board
    • Software CD

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