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    • Evaluation Board for MCP3905A Energy Meter Design
    • Evaluation Board for MCP3905A Energy Meter Design


    The MCP3905A Evaluation board is designed (using the MCP3905A device) to test out a variety of energy meter designs. On the input side high voltage line and load AC-plug headers are included, along with mounting holes for shunts, current transformers, and screw-type connections for wiring.

    The MCP3905A/06A Evaluation Board provides easy evaluation of the MCP3905A energy-metering IC to metering customers. High-voltage AC input line and load connections, including the necessary space for current shunt or Current Transformer (CT) evaluation, are all included. Jumpers with shunts and a reset switch are connected to the MCP3905A/06A device to further facilitate device evaluation and meter design.

    Multiple input channel configuration circuits are included for both differential and single-ended signals. LEDs for evaluating the MCP3905A/06A output visually are on-board. A standard 14-pin PICtail™ daughter board header is included for a connection to a variety of Microchip PICmicro® microcontroller demonstration (demo) boards, allowing for PIC16, PIC18 and dsPIC® DSC development system meter designs. This connection can also be isolated using an on-board, optical-isolation IC.

    Key Application: Energy Meter Designs


    • Large space for easy connection to AC line and loads provide area for experiments using different current-sensing elements
    • Easy connection to both PICDEM™ demonstration boards for a variety of PICmicro® MCU-based meter designs
    • Jumpers and shunts for simple device configuration
    • On-board, low-cost AC-to-DC power supply circuitry to demonstrate the low-cost MCP3905 AFE design used in the MCP3905A/06A Energy Meter Reference Design (DS51565)
    • EMC immunity and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design as used in the MCP3905A/06A Energy Meter Reference Design (DS51565)
    • Designed to fit inside recommended plastic enclosure for safe, high-voltage demonstrations and experiments (enclosure is optional and is not included)

    Ships With

    • The MCP3905A/06A Evaluation Board (with MCP3905A installed)
    • Important Information Sheet

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