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    • Evaluation Board for MCP73871 Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charge Management Controller
    • Evaluation Board for MCP73871 Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charge Management Controller


    The MCP73871 Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate Microchip's stand-alone linear Li-Ion battery charger with system power path and load sharing management control solution. The system load is also supported by the Li-Ion battery when input power is disconnected. A number of device options allow the MCP73871 device to be utilized in a variety of applications.

    The MCP73871 Evaluation Board is designed to deliver minimum 1.5A total current to system load and to a single cell Li-Ion battery at 4.2V preset voltage regulation. (4.1V, 4.35V and 4.4V options are also available for MCP73871) The MCP73871 Evaluation Board has two dip switches to control input current limits. First dip switch (SW2) determines input power source between ac-dc adapter and USB port (AC/USB). Second dip switch (SW1) determines 500 mA high power USB port or 100 mA low power USB port (High/Low). The input current limit is governed by USB specification when selecting USB on SW2.

    The maximum fast current when AC is selected on SW2 is programmed by resistor (RPROG1) at 1A and termination current is set at 100 mA by (RPROG3). The MCP73871 Evaluation Board offers three status LED for two charge status outputs and a power good indicator.

    The MCP73871 Evaluation Board comes with factory preset low battery indicator (LBO) when input is absent. The preset value is 3.1V and STAT1 LED turns on when battery voltage is below the threshold voltage. The MCP73871 Evaluation Board is designed to observe the performance and features on the circuits via multiple test points. Circuits can also be implemented into suitable applications without additional work.

    Applications: Smart Phones, PDA, Portable Media Players, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Handheld Medical devices, Bluetooth headsets, Ultra-Mobile PC and Portable Communicators


    • Integrated System Load Sharing
    • Input Current Limit Control with dip switches between ac-dc adapter (Typical 1650 mA), USB-High (Maximum 500 mA) and USB-Low (Maximum 100 mA)
    • Three LED indicates charge status, low battery and power good signal
    • Preset Li-Ion battery charge voltage: 4.2V ±0.5%
    • Temperature monitoring is disabled by default, but can be enabled to use with NTC thermister
    • Factory preset 0.1C preconditioning current of deeply depleted cells
    • Factory preset 6 hour Safety Timer with Timer Enable feature
    • Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm
    • Resistor programmed maximum charge current: 1A
    • Resistor programmed termination set point: 100 mA
    • Automatic Charge Termination
    • Automatic Recharge
    • Internal Thermal Regulation
    • Exposed Pad with extra via underneath for better heat dissipations

    Ships With

    • MCP73871 Evaluation Board
    • Analog and Interface Products Demonstration Boards CD-ROM (DS21912)
      • MCP73871 Evaluation Board User’s Guide User’s Guide (DS51755)
      • MCP73871 Data Sheet, “Stand-Alone Linear Li-Ion / Li-Poly Battery Charge and System Load Sharing Management Controller” (DS22090)

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