Version 103
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    Powerful Schematic Capture

    • Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design
    • Built-In Mixed-Mode SPICE Simulation Engine
    • Altium Industry-Standard Schematic Editor and File Format


    Feature-Rich PCB Editing

    • Constraint Driven Interactive Routing
    • Built-In Autorouter Engine
    • Support for Differential Pairs
    • Powerful Native 3D PCB Visualization Engine


    Centralized Content Management

    • Content Library of Over 350,000 Parts and Growing
    • Integrated Live Supply Chain Management and Visibility
    • Easily Create Custom Parts From Existing Library or from Scratch
    • Step Export Capability

    Professional PCB Design Tools for Professional PCB Designers

    • Powered by 30 years of PCB CAD design technology from Altium
    • Built for professional designers with a focus on ease-of-use
    • Unified PCB schematic and layout tool for professional workflows


    Intuitive User Interface

    • Easy to use and learn immediately with intuitive user interface
    • Quickly find your most commonly used features with ribbon UI design
    • Save time learning the software with detailed documentation and videos


    Extensive Content Library

    • Meet your budget every time with real-time information on component pricing
    • Save time on your next design with thousands of ready-to-use, professional components
    • Always meet your time-to-market goals with real-time part availability


    Professional Workflow Accountability

    • Keep track of all design changes with a powerful version control system
    • Easily document your design history with schematic to board synchronizations
    • Clearly communicate your design intent with industry-standard documentation options

    CircuitStudio - Standalone License Plus 1st Year Subscription
    This is a perpetual single seat license for CircuitStudio from Altium . It included the first year's subscription to receive CircuitStudio product updates, upgrades and access to the Altium Vault.

    CircuitStudio - Renewal of 12 Month Product Update and Vault Content Subscription
    Renewal of 12 month subscription to Receive CircuitStudio product updates, upgrades and access to the Altium Vault

    Upgrades to Altium Designer
    If you are an CircuitStudio license holder and wish to upgrade to Altium Designer, there is an upgrade path available directly from Altium of USD $995 (or equivalent) off the list price of Altium Designer.

    Terms & Conditions of Sale

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