Version 4

    In the February 2015 site update we've added an image gallery that's simple to use, and allows you to put a gallery in any piece of content you create. We've implemented it in such a way that people  can still see your images in a normal table if they're viewing your content in an email notification or in our site's activity stream.


    {gallery} Example Image Gallery


    CC3200 Wi-Fi SoC Launchpad: Out the box and connecting it up


    Arduino Yun

    YouTube and Vimeo videos work too: This is Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi MAME Portable Part 2


    LEDs are on: It's ready to go!


    Adding a gallery manually


    All you’ll need to do is create a standard single column table and put ‘{gallery}’ in the table header.. this triggers some code to take all the images + text from each table cell, and push them all into a nice-looking gallery.


    Adding a gallery via the helper dialog


    There's also a helper dialog in the Insert menu;


    This will present a dialog box where you can fill in a few options;



    The table that gets inserted has prompts for what to do next... i.e. add you images (or youTube videos), and a title + caption;



    Gallery parameters


    The helper dialog allows the user to set a few of the gallery parameters.. these are then added into the {gallery} command. Alternatively, you can add them in manually, e.g.