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    Ben completes his new and improved Raspberry Pi MAME portable in the Season 5 premiere of element14's The Ben Heck Show!


    Build Like Ben: Part List for building your Raspberry Pi MAME Portable:


    QtyProduct NameSupplierBuy These PartsBuy These Parts
    1RasPi A+element14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1TFT screenelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1SD cardelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1Power jackelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    15V regulatorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1Power switchelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1ltc4006element14Buy ItemBuy Item
    14-way Navigation Switchelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    8Push buttonselement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    10.1uF capacitorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    220uF capacitorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    115nF capacitorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    10.12uF capacitorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    14700pF capacitorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1Diodeelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    122uH Inductorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    15k resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1100k resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    16k04 resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    2309k resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    10.04 resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    20.5 resistorelement14Buy ItemBuy Item
    1si7501dn MOSFETelement14Buy ItemBuy Item


    Parts Not Sold by element14

    17.4V battery


    Supporting Files

    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!



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