Version 2


    Side by Side comparison


    I was pretty fortunate to get my hands on an Raspberry Pi 2 Model BRaspberry Pi 2 Model B early, even when you work within element14 being able to get hold of the products is akin to panning for gold!


    In this video I have a Raspberry Pi BRaspberry Pi B+ and a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. They are both using class 6, Hama brand microSD cards with a stock installation of Raspbian which has been booted at least once to go through the setup process. They're using the same 5v, 2amp power supply5v, 2amp power supply and they do not have any peripherals connected. They are turned on at the same time by flicking a power switch on the 4-way socket extension that they're both plugged into and both boards are at stock speeds.


    The Pi 2 manages to get to the desktop environment some 18 seconds faster than the B+ , though I noticed that the B+ appears to pause in one or two points in particular on boot and I wonder how much difference it would make if those services were prevented from starting?