Version 11
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    • Generous prototyping area
    • Backlit LCD display
    • GPIO header
    • Processor I/O signal access break out access
    • Motor Control hardware
    • Interfaces to SPI/I2C/UART

    GIZMO Explorer board offers a host of basic functions and peripherals like LCD and Keypad to help get your project get started quickly. The GIZMO Explorer Board works with both the GIZMO and GIZMO 2 boards by connecting to its low speed connector to offer an LCD display, Keypad, prototyping area and more for your project to take off faster.


    • Motor control application examples like balancing robots, antenna rotators, speed control, direction / position control
    • Interface applications examples like thermostat, operator interfaces, household appliances, and office equipment
    • GIZMO Explorer Board with Keypad
    Quick Start GuideGIZMO Explorer Board Quick Start Guide (.pdf)

    Where can I find a schematic of the explorer board?

    Where can I find a data sheet on the SPI / I2C UART?

    Where can I find a data sheet on the motor driver?

    Where can I find a data sheet on the LCD display?

    What is the format of an I2C message?