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    It is time to make science fiction become science fact, we have seen it with the tablet computer from Star Trek, the flat screen display from 2001: A Space Odyssey and now, robots that are almost as intelligent as we are.


    To get you started on your challenge journey we have a base-kit that you can work with and from. How you put these into practice is entirely up to you. These sensors, location aware computing parts and micro-controllers might act as the brains behind your project or they may be supplementary to other components you're using.


    Either way we have a good collection of equipment for you to sink your soldering iron into, feel free to hack away, apart or together any component as you see fit.


    {gallery} Sci-Fi Your Pi


    Raspberry Pi Model A+: This low power raspberry pi is ideal to work where efficiency is important


    Raspberry Pi 2, Model B: The latest, most powerful version of the Raspberry Pi


    Raspberry Pi, Model B+: The Foundation's last iteration of the Pi, ideal for dedicated applications and connectivity


    PiFace Control & Display 2: An add-on with a good combination of inputs, including infra-red and a display


    PiFace Digital 2: Adding motor control with tactile input to your Pi project


    chipKIT Pi: An Arduino-header compatible, PIC micro-controller based board as a complement to the Pi


    Raspberry Pi Camera: 5 Megapixel camera which can record 1080p video, can connect to any Pi


    Bitscope Micro: USB connectable/powered oscilloscope, can be used with the Pi to test your project!


    Xtrinsic Sensor Board: Connectable to your Pi to add pressure, magnetometer and a digital accelerometer sensors!


    GertBot: All in one motor/robotics controller with dedicated micro-controller processor


    Microstack Baseboard: Allowing you to connect Microstack I2C and SPI add-ons to the Raspberry Pi


    Microstack GPS: Global Positioning System add-on which communicates over Serial


    Microstack Accelerometer: Accelerometer to give directional bearing/sensing over I2C


    Shim RTC: Add a real-time clock to your Raspberry Pi


    Cirrus Logic Audio Card: Adds the ability to record stereo audio and playback in professional high quality sound.