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    Build awesome projects and important career skills

    MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite makes it easy to model, simulate, and analyze fun projects such as a personal weather station or a face-detecting robot. Build and realize them on popular low-cost hardware platforms like Arduino®, BeagleBone Black® and Raspberry Pi®. Develop important career skills by using the same tools that professional engineers and scientists use every day.


    1. Describe your system in a graphical block diagram in Simulink.
    2. Simulate your system to test and debug it. Analyze it with MATLAB.
    3. Generate the embedded code automatically from Simulink and install it on your board.


    Solutions to Get You Started:

    MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite

    Student software is for use by students on student-owned hardware to meet course requirements and perform academic research at degree-granting institutions only. It is not available for government, commercial, or other organizational use.

    How MATLAB & Simulink works with your hardware:

    Learn to Program Pack

    Order MathWorks MATLAB & Simulink Student Version with one of our most popular development kits to implement your product concepts graphically in Simulink and analyze/debug it in MATLAB. Quick start guides are available for each bundle to help you get started right away! Starter Kit includes: dev kit, 8GB MicroSD Card, MicroSD card to SD Card Adapter, Power Supply (specific to region) and Black Enclosure.


    MATLAB & Simulink Student Suite Robot Motor Control on Raspberry Pi with Simulink

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