Version 15
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    • Tower-compatible microcontroller module
    • KV31F512VLL12 MCU (120 MHz, 512 KB Flash, 96 KB RAM, low power, 100 LQFP package)
    • General-purpose Tower Plug-in (TWRPI) socket
    • On-board debug circuit: K20DX128VFM5 (OpenSDA) with virtual serial port
    • FXOS8700CQ: 6-Axis Digital Sensor Accelerometer Magnetometer
    • Four (4) user-controllable LEDs plus RGB LED
    • Four (4) user pushbutton switches for GPIO interrupts
    • One (1) user pushbutton switch for MCU reset
    • Potentiometer

    The TWR-KV31F120M is a development tool for the Kinetis V series KV3x family built on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor. The TWR-KV31F120M MCU module is designed to work either in standalone mode or as part of the Tower System, a modular development platform that enables rapid prototyping and tool re-use through reconfigurable hardware. The TWR-KV31F120M is supported by a range of NXP and third-party development software.

    The Kinetis KV3x family of MCUs is a high-performance solution for BLDC, PMSM and ACIM motor control applications. Built upon the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core running at 100/120 MHz with DSP and floating point unit, it features dual 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) sampling at up to 1.2 mega samples per second (MSPS), multiple motor control timers, 64 to 512 KB of flash memory and a comprehensive enablement suite from NXP and its third-party resources including reference designs, software libraries and motor configuration tools.

    • TWR-KV31F120M board assembly
    • A to micro-B USB cable for debug interface and power
    • Quick start guide