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    The RIoTboard RIoTboard is an open source platform based on an i.MX 6Solo applications processor, using an ARM® Cortex®-A9 architecture.


    element14 has produced a six part video series for the RIoTboard to help you get started. The video series will cover basics such as connecting displays and sensors. The tutorials will use both; Linux (Ubuntu) and Android (ICS) operating systems with the RIoTboard.  Basic RIoTboard introductions are also available HERE.



    Part 1:How to connect different Displays to the RIoTboard on both Android and Linux.



    Part 2: Reprogramming the EMMC flash memory




    Part 3: Creating a bootable SD card.


    Part 4: Connecting cameras to the RIoT board. 

    Part 5: Adding wireless Connectivity



    Part 6: Connecting the Sensor Module