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    QorIQ LS processor (Coretex 10 pin) Probe Tips for CodeWarrior TAP (Physical product)


    The CWH-CTP-CTX10-YE is a removable probe tip targeted for QorIQ LS (LS1020A, LS1021A, LS2085A). This probe tip connects the QorIQ LS microprocessor target system’s JTAG port to the CodeWarrior TAP base unit’s 30-pin target connector.

    This tip is compatible with the CodeWarrior TAP CWH-CTP-BASE-HE base unit. Base units do not come with a probe tip so you must have at least one of these to debug your device.


    • Removable probe tip
    • Low cost and economical to order several spares
    • Allows base unit to work with several different target types

    System requirements:

    • QorIQ LS-based target system with JTAG header
    • CodeWarrior TAP

    Ships With

    • Probe Tip

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