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    FlukeView Forms BASIC Software with Cable
    Mfg Part No: FLUKE-FVF-BASIC

    FlukeView Forms BASIC

    • Supports: Fluke 280 Series, 789, 1550B, 1653, 180 Series
    • Cable: USB / IR

    Delivery method: Physical product

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    Software only upgrade from FVF Basic to FlukeView Forms plus Designer
    Mfg Part No: FLUKE-FVF-UG

    Delivery method: Physical product

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    FlukeView Forms Software version 3.0 with Cable
    Mfg Part No: FLUKE-FVF-SC2

    FlukeView Forms Software

    • Supports: Fluke 280 Series, 53-II B and 54-II B, 789, 1550B, 1653, 180 Series
    • Cable: USB / IR

    Delivery method: Physical product

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    Flukeview forms software with interface cable for the Fluke-45
    Mfg Part No: FLUKE-FVF-SC3

    Delivery method: Physical product

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    • Displays acquired results in graphs and tables
    • Allows you to save and print results
    • Allows you to retrieve and view previously saved results
    • Allows real-time logging directly to a connected PC, with meters that support interactive logging
    • Allows you to transfer collected readings to other PC applications
    • Provides standard form templa tes to display results professionally
    • Includes FlukeView Forms Designer program for creating customized form templates (not included in FlukeView Forms Basic)

    Expand the power of the world's most rugged, accurate handheld test tools with FlukeView® Forms Documenting Software.

    To address the increasing demands for reporting and documentation, Fluke presents FlukeView Forms documenting software. FlukeView Forms increases the power of your Fluke tool by enabling you to document, store and analyze individual readings or series of measurements, then convert them into professional looking documents.

    Several versions of the product are available, depending upon the type of cable needed to download data from your instrument and depending upon the data reporting capability you need. FlukeView Forms offers two levels of capability: FlukeView Forms Basic, and FlukeView Forms plus Designer. FlukeView Forms Basic can be used alone to download measurement data and create reports that can be saved and printed. FlukeView Forms plus Designer allows a user to edit an existing form or create a new form to customize the report to individual needs. A common edit might add a company logo and title.

    FlukeView® Forms Basic (FVF-BASIC): Owners of Fluke 280 series, 180 series, 789 and 1550B, who do not need the full power of FlukeView forms, can use FlukeView® Basic version. Transfer data points from your meter to your PC and use the two standard, non-customizable forms to display your readings in table or graphical form. For a larger array of forms or to use FlukeView® Forms Designer to customize your forms, upgrade to FlukeView® Forms version 3.3 with FVF-UG.

    FlukeView® Forms Upgrade (FVF-UG): You can expand the power of your Fluke Test Tools by upgrading from FlukeView Forms Basic with the FlukeView® Forms Software Upgrade.

    With the FlukeView® Forms Software Upgrade you can:

    Instantly review and compare data from up to 6 different meters on the same document - providing analysis capabilities that a meter alone can't provide. Use the array of Upgraded analysis and reporting forms to display your data in tables, graphs or helpful diagrams;even leave notes on the forms to draw attention to a particular event. Or use the FlukeView® Forms plus Designer to customize your reports or add your company logo.