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    It is time to Grow Up! Observations and forecasts from leading publications point to the need to increase our ability to grow fresh food in urban areas – closer to the populations that will consume them.  This means shifting from traditional outdoor gardens to indoor systems for food production.  Electronic Engineers are uniquely suited to provide systems based on a technology infrastructure that can lessen required energy consumption in production and improve the output of a smaller space.


    To get you started on your challenge journey we have a base-kit that you can work with and from. How you put these into practice is entirely up to you. This is a good collection of equipment for you to sink your soldering iron into, feel free to hack away, apart or together any component as you see fit.



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    Silicon Labs EZR32WG 868MHz Wireless Starter Kit


    Silicon Labs Sensor Puck - SENSOR-PUCK board


    Silicon Labs EFM32 Zero Gecko Starter Kit


    Würth Elektronik Design Kits- Capacitors 885 080, 885 070, 885 060


    Würth Elektronik Design Kit - Switches- 499 001


    Würth Elektronik Design Kit - LEDs 150 151


    Würth Elektronik Design Kit - Power Inductors  744 383