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    Design Simulator Environment for MC33816 PSC - Standard (Physical product)


    The ASA-33816-STD is an integrated design/simulation environment for the firmware required by the MC33816 family of programmable solenoid controllers (PSC). Starting with a specification for new/updated software, a software developer can use ASA-33816-STD to create a new project, implement the specification in firmware suited to the smart driver, have the PSC simulator compile the code into machine code, specify simulation commands and feedback, simulate the firmware behavior, correct errors (debug), and release the compiled code for inclusion into system software.


    • Simulates firmware behavior without the need for hardware
    • Step by step multi-core debugging
    • Built-in assembler (external assembler also supported)
    • Built-in micro code editor
    • Supports custom definitions for driver loads
    • Assembled code can be downloaded directly to hardware for verification

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