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    Polite note: signups have now ended (2015), but please continue to post where you get to if you were one of the lucky ones to receive one...


    We have a project, and you can help, we want to connect the world!

    If you're lucky enough to sign up and be sent one of the 1,500 element14 Circuit Board trackables on the 15th of June 2015 then it is your duty to help create a virtual circuit between landmarks of Scientific and Engineering Achievement with your trackable travelling from each geocache to your chosen destination! How far can you get your trackable to go?


    Do not worry if you aren't one of the first to get hold of a trackable, you can still play your part and participate by finding one that is out there in a geocache and help it on its journey!


    We want to see you when you've found a circuit board trackable - take a photo' of yourself with it and post it onto the element14 Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus with the hashtag #ConnectedWorld Or here on the Community!


    Trackable Circuit Board?

    If you're familiar with Geocaching, these Circuit Board trackables work like geocoins. Each trackable is uniquely identifiable because they each have a code along with an activation code, and when you activate it on you can send it on its journey and see where it has travelled or which geocache it is stored in. Along with whom has helped it along its way!


    When you discover the trackable when it is in circulation, you then have the perfect opportunity to look it up on the site where you can get a cool icon for finding it, read more about what to do with it and then share your experience, either blogging, sharing photo's or even just commenting here!




    • Continue the circuit towards a landmark and put the trackable in a geocache.


    • Take a photograph with the trackable to show your hard work and claim credit!


    We want to hear from you!

    Have you been geocaching before? Is this your first time doing so? Have you requested a trackable or want to go and find one?


    We want to see and hear about your geocaching adventures, your project builds or what you currently use to geocache with!


    So upload and share your photographs, videos, blogs and content on element14’s Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ using the hashtag #ConnectedWorld and element14 Community


    So join us, as part of the Community of Engineers, Makers, Educators and Inventors on a Geocaching adventure!,