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    IMG_2727.JPGBuild a what?


    It would be difficult to go Geocaching if you did not have a GPS device to go Geocaching with! That is why element14 are giving away 10 Raspberry Pi 2 GPS project kits for you to build a solution to find your local geocaches. However, be prepared for a challenge! We have given you the basic parts to get started with, but there will be trials ahead to get your project off the ground, and they may not seem obvious at first.


    Alternatively, you can always buy the parts yourself. You can read more about the parts in the kit we're going to use here on the Community.


    Of course you could just use any device, perhaps your smartphone, but it just does not give quite the ability to customise that making your own kit can allow you to do. Also, a decently powered smartphone can cost upwards of £200+ debate-ably and dedicated GPS hardware can easily cost more than that for a device with less features. It is also fun to accomplish something! Especially when there's treasure at the end of it.


    So join in and help us to Engineer a Connected World!


    So, what do I do now?


    Once you've acquired the parts for the build, then step by step we're going to create the GPS project based around the guidelines that callum.ds produced, however as the astute of you may have realised there are a number of factors to consider about the project (especially if you have seen the kit list):


    • If it's to be portable, it will require power
    • Are the mathematics of the calculations accurate?
    • The design and layout needs to be optimised for portability
    • Can we improve the display beyond a two line, monochrome output?


    This may not be as straightforward as you think and you're going to have to be comfortable with a bit of hardware hacking to make it suitable, along with 3D computer aided design and power management!


    Where can I find out more?


    Make sure you're following the Geocaching space and check the content for when the next blog posts are up to guide you through building your GPS project.


    You can read part one of the blog series here: Putting Together the Pieces - Raspberry Pi 2 GPS Geocaching Project