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    DreamBoard Vs - Battle of the DreamBoards: It’s Dream Board Vs DreamBoard & You have chosen your Winner!


    "64-bit architecture PC in automobile" Created by manjuprasad


    DreamBoard Vs | PC64


    What inspired your DreamBoard Design?

    I am always enthusiastic about developing PCB, custom development board for AVR,PIC & ARM(LPC2148) and arduino clones, and other projects.

    Because of lack of technology in manufacturing Industrial grade pcb and unavailability of components in INDIA forced me to stick with LQFP packages, which can be soldered by hand.

    I always wanted to develop something like Raspberry PI,Beaglebone etc. But always felt discontented due to lack of funds and technology in manufacturing.

    Thanks to Element14's "Build Your Own DreamBoard" campaign helped me to visualise what type of Board i want to make.


    What is your job role/background?

    I am student in Final Year of Engineering of Electronics and Telecommunication department, from INDIA.

    I have experience in PCB designing and manufacturing.I have also worked with Atmel AVR,ARM,PIC,LPC2148,Raspberry PI, Arduino.

    After completing my Engineering i will be starting a kickstarter event to manufacture my Dreamboard PC64 for price less than 50$


    Why should your DreamBoard be the winner?

    I designed my dreamboard in such a way that it can be helpful as a learning tool for students as well as a powerful platform for professional to built and test their system.

    The use of 64 bit processor which are compatible with linux as well as android lollipop loaded on SD card will help to develop a lot of projects.

    On board Wifi will help it to run headless with less wires attached.

    Various chip GPIOS, ADC,DAC,UART,CAN,PCI-E will help the board to communicate with the outside word as well as provide facility of expansion of system

    Other On-board Sensors like Magnetic Hall effect sensor, Ultrasonic sensors, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Temperature will be very useful in Robotic and Drone Projects.

    The Audio I/O will provide facility of on-board audio processing.

    The LVDS port and Touchscreen sensor will allow the board to perform as handheld device and can also be used as Monitoring and Debugging terminal in a robotic, automobile projects to view various parameters.


    Road to Victory...


    element14 DreamBoard Vs


    Round 1: Challenger - phoenixcomm's: Radio System Base Board


    Quarter Final: Challenger -box's: FreeNAS Board


    Semi Final: Challenger -brixtonian1970's: Marine Aquarium Interface Board



    Grand Final: Challenger -crakkerjakked's: Mother H.E.N.


    DreamBoard Vs | Battle of the DreamBoards 2015