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    • mikroBUS Cape
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    The mikroBUS cape is an extension for Beaglebone Black, the popular low-cost development platform running Linux. This simple cape has four mikroBUS sockets that allow you to connect more than 130 different types of click boards to BeagleBone. Quickly add functionalities like GSM, GPS, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, or thunder detection, proximity and color sensing, Hall current detection, speech recognition and many many other.

    To fully utilize Beaglebone’s pinout, two additional sets of jumpers allow you to

    • Switch the AN pins to GPIO on each mikroBUS socket;
    • Choose whether to enable UART pins on the first socket or SPI pins on the third socket


    The mikroBUS cape allows you to use click boards from MikroElektronika on your BeagleBone black


    • Four mikroBUS sockets
    • Configurable pins
    • EEPROM chip
    • Brings click board connectivity to BeagleBone Black
    • Ready-to-use examples save development time

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