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    • USB dongle for SPIRIT1 low power RF modules SP1ML-868
    • USB dongle for SPIRIT1 low power RF modules SP1ML-868


    The STEVAL-SP1ML868 and STEVAL-SP1ML915 boards are design tools that allow evaluation of ST's SP1ML-868 and SP1ML-915 low power RF modules in a quick and simple way. The dongle includes the module to evaluate, an on-board RF antenna, and a USB connector. The USB connector is used to connect the dongle to a PC, to access the sub GHz RF module and to supply the dongle.

    The STEVAL-SP1ML868 and STEVAL-SP1ML915 downloaded firmware enables the user to create a SPIRIT1 link using simple AT commands. The SP1ML-868 and SP1ML-915 are ultra-low power & fully integrated RF modules operating respectively in the 868 MHz SRD and 915 MHz ISM bands.


    • Home & building automation
    • Wireless sensor network
    • Data acquisition equipment
    • Security systems
    • Mobile health and medical
    • Industrial monitor and control
    • Wireless metering, WMBUS
    • Internet of things (IoT)


    • Based on SPIRIT1 sub GHz modules SP1ML-868 and SP1ML-915
    • USB interface and power supply
    • RESET button
    • On-board antenna

    Ships With

    • USB dongle

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