Version 20
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    • Microchip 8-bit processor
    • 25 led display
    • 2 push buttons
    • 6 crocodile clip rings for touch inputs and outputs
    • Expansion ports provide I2C, SPI and UART connectivity
    • Onboard power supply
    • Extension connector for adding CodeBug accessories
    • Sewable
    • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Rasberry Pi
    • Blocky based online programming software
    • Directly compatible with Raspberry Pi
    • Browser-based programming software

    CodeBug is a fun, low cost, programmable wearable device that anyone can learn to use. It’s designed to teach the fundamentals of programming, physical computing and electronics while being friendly and non-intimidating for beginners. Program CodeBug using a very simple browser based programming interface. Being web based, there is no software to install so you can start coding instantly. If you are a more experienced coder you can program CodeBug in Python and other languages CodeBug is more than just a fun gadget, it can be used to teach fundamentals of programming, physical computing and electronics. CodeBug has something to enchant, entertain and educate everyone, no matter their level of experience.

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