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    • Flyback High Voltage Evaluation Module
    • Flyback High Voltage Evaluation Module


    The DRV2700EVM-HV500 is an evaluation module for the DRV2700 used in a flyback converter circuit. The DRV2700 is intended for high voltage piezo applications typically used in Industrial Applications. The integrated high voltage switch enables for a small solution size circuit that can drive 500V single ended. The onboard MSP430 allows for digital control and quick prototyping.

    The DRV2700 device is a single-chip piezo driver with an integrated 105-V boost switch, integrated power diode, and integrated fully-differential amplifier. This versatile device is capable of driving both high-voltage and low-voltage piezoelectric loads. The input signal can be either differential or single-ended and AC or DC coupled. The DRV2700 device supports four GPIO-controlled gains: 28.8 dB, 34.8 dB, 38.4 dB, and 40.7 dB.

    • Piezo Positioning Actuators
    • Piezo Sounder Driver
    • Piezo Inkjet Printer
    • Piezo Transducers
    • Piezoelectric Micropumps


    • 5V input to 500V Output
    • Single ended input modes
    • Multiple output voltage settings
    • Easily powered through USB or external Power Supply
    • Easily control output voltage

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    • DRV2700 Evaluation Module

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