Version 7


    Earlier this year we challenged the members of the element14 Community to revitalize  old objects, appliances or furniture and turn them into “enchanted” ones, rendered so by the addition of the latest Internet of Things technology. Since than hundreds of blogs  have been submitted chronicling the ups, downs, failures and triumphs. With the help of the Atmel  SAMA5D4 Xplained UltraSAMA5D4 Xplained UltraArduino YunArduino Yun and other development products several of our competitors were able to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!


    On behalf of the element14 team we would like to congratulate all of the competitors who were successful in completing this challenge. There was a difficult decision to make on who would win the grand prize. With that being said... The winning project of the Enchanted Objects Design Challenge is...




    The Enchanted Cottage submitted by Andy Clark AKA  Workshopshed

    The Enchanted Cottage is a sensor-rich model home. The Cottage features motion control, lighting control, power management, temperature and humidity reporting all tied into a wonderful display. In addition to the incredible  blend of mechanics and electronics; Andy wove a  whimsical and enchanted story throughout the contest.

    Here is a video of Andy finding out he had won the challenge. Enjoy!