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    Ben and Felix create a geocache using a BeagleBone Black that can save photos and electronic messages this week on The Ben Heck Show.


    Build Like Ben: Part List for building your BeagleBone Black GPS system:


    QtyProduct NameSupplierBuy These PartsBuy These Parts
    1BeagleBone Blackelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Atmel ATtiny45element14Buy NowBuy Now
    1BB-View (4.3)element14Buy NowBuy Now
    1CAM8200-Uelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Atmel AVRDragonelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Mini USB keyboardelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    3Push buttonselement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1USB hubelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Optocouplerelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    2Mosfet transistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now


    Parts Not Sold by element14

    15v Buck/Boost regulatorAdafruit
    1Pelican 1200 Case
    17.4V battery


    Supporting Files

    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!