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    • LMZ21700 650mA SIMPLE SWITCHER® Nano Module Evaluation Board
    • LMZ21700 650mA SIMPLE SWITCHER® Nano Module Evaluation Board


    The LMZ21700 SIMPLE SWITCHER® nano module is an easy-to-use DC/DC solutions optimized for space constrained applications. The LMZ21700EVM is capable of delivering up to 650 mA load with excellent power conversion efficiency, output voltage accuracy, line and load regulation and load transient response. The evaluation board is configured for 3.3V output voltage from 5V to 17V input. The resistor voltage divider RFBT and RFBB set the output voltage. The external capacitor CSS sets the softstart time for Vout. See the datasheet for component selection and device details. The board features turret terminals for easy connection to input supply, load, EN input, as well as softstart voltage and power good flag monitoring.


    • V IN = 5V to 17V
    • V OUT = 3.3V
    • 650mA max load
    • 4 layer PCB
    • 4.2 x 4.2 cm PCB size

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