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    There's no point denying that the element14 suite of companies sells a lot of Raspberry Pi's. I mean, everyone loves them, from engineers to coders to makers and hackers. Indeed, the RPi has reached the public consciousness too, and a lot of people who've rarely ventured beyond a Windows PC are excited about trying out the delights of single board computing.


    The Raspberry Pi is accessible, but it's not out-of-the-box accessible. So where does a complete newcomer get started with the Raspberry Pi they couldn't wait to buy, but hasn't really made it out of the box yet? You know the answer. Right here at element14.


    Our Top Members have been busy putting together a wide range of guides on the subjects they feel are the most important to the complete Raspberry Pi beginner, with the intention of helping people instantly find the information they need, while quickly progressing into real RPi enthusiasts. This document is here to get you to the content you need and will be regularly updated with more essential Raspberry Pi hints, tips, guides, features, competitions and info.


    If you want something adding to the list below, let me know in the comments.


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    How-To & Guides

    Identifying Your Model of Raspberry Pi

    There have been several iterations of the world's most famous single board computer now, and if you're still waiting to get started with it, this guide by element14 member lui_gough will definitely put you on the right track.

    Essential Raspberry Pi Peripherals #1: GPIO and Other Connectors

    Top Member balearicdynamics kicks off the ultimate guide to Raspberry Pi peripherals -- and what you can do with them -- with a quick tour around the GPIO port and other connectors. If you plan on hooking up your Pi to other equipment (and you should), this is where to begin.

    Essential Raspberry Pi Peripherals #2: Setting up an HDMI Monitor

    balearicdynamics kicks off his series on essential Raspberry Pi peripherals by taking a look at its HDMI connection; a function you might think is so simple it needs no explanation, but Enrico shows us how to get the most from an RPi's display.

    A Dummies Guide to Linux on a Raspberry Pi. - 1.0

    Before getting into the Raspberry Pi, and the Linux operating system it's synonymous with, element14 Top Member phoenixcomm takes you on a fascinating journey into the beginnings of modern computing with an introduction Unix. Knowing where it all came from is the first step in understanding where it's going.

    A Dummies Guide to Linux on a Raspberry Pi. - 2.0 Distros

    phoenixcomm continues her exploration of Linux, and it's place in the Raspberry Pi universe. New to Linux and wondering about all that strange and confusing vernacular? Cristina's got you covered!


    Adding a Shutdown Button to the Raspberry Pi B+

    If there's one feature that Raspberry Pi experts would agree the board is missing, it's probably a shutdown button. If you're up and running with your new Raspberry Pi, join Top Member ipv1 in your first project and give it the shutdown button it needs.


    Connecting to a Remote Desktop on the Raspberry Pi

    Once your Raspberry Pi is purring happily, you won't necessarily have it plugged into a keyboard, mouse and monitor forever more. Your application might mean it's running without a screen ("headless", as we like to say). So Top Member ntewinkel shows you how to use the remote desktop feature to log into your Raspberry Pi from your laptop or desktop computer.

    Raspberry Pi GPIO Explained

    Top Members shabaz and Problemchild have teamed up to bring you the ultimate guide to inputs and outputs on the Raspberry Pi, which even includes some ground-level projects that'll show you how to start incorporating electronics into your Raspberry repertoire.

    Questions & Discussions
    Announcements, News & Competitions

    Show us Your Pi Projects, Win a Copy of The MagPi Magazine

    We've a limited number of the official Raspberry Pi magazines to give away, which is chock full of great projects, news and info on everyone's favourite single board computer. So show us what you've got, and you could land the first print copy of The MagPi.