Version 14
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    • Dual purpose Evaluation board with Independent and Arduino modes
    • GridEYE sensor – sensor on the board with wider temperature range (-20 to 100 deg C) and 3.3V operation.
    • Jumper selectable for the 2 modes of operation
    • Arduino headers (for DUE or similar)
    • Bootloader accessible via a pin header
    • Data display interface to PC & smartphone (Android & iphone) via USB or BT
    • Temperature values can be observed on the LabVIEW (8 x 8) matrix window
    • Reset switches for both the board & Bluetooth
    • Firmware/app loaded via JTAG header or USB port

    The Grid-EYE Infrared (IR) Array sensor evaluation kit combines Panasonic’s industry leading Grid-EYE sensor, its “nanopower” PAN1740 Bluetooth Smart module and a microcontroller on one PCB. By combining its new IR sensor technology with Bluetooth technology it enables engineers to design and develop wireless sensor prototypes quickly.

    The Grid-EYE sensor module includes an 8x8 IR pixel matrix. This matrix is capable of measuring temperatures ten times per second over a wide temperature range (-20C to 100C) Communicating with the evaluation kit is achieved wirelessly using the built in Bluetooth module or via a wired USB link. The kit can function as a standalone device or it can also be connected to an Arduino platform.