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    • TI Precision Labs – Op Amp Evaluation Module
    • TI Precision Labs – Op Amp Evaluation Module


    The TI-PLABS-AMP-EVM is an experimenter’s board that is used in conjunction with TI Precision Labs Videos to gain a deeper understanding of op amp circuits. The EVM contains eight common op amp circuits that can be easily configured with jumpers. The documentation shows configuration examples of the EVM with the National Instruments VirtualBench, but will work with any standard test equipment. TI Precision Labs is the industry’s first comprehensive online classroom for analog engineers.


    • Intuitive setup – the PCB overlay shows the schematic and jumper placement for each circuit
    • Inverting, non-inverting, cascaded, Riso capacitor drive, dual feedback cap drive, and active filters
    • BNC and banana jack connections to test equipment
    • DIP adaptors are used to make the amplifiers interchangeable
    • Several amplifiers are included to facilitate experimentation

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