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    Ben will complete his ZX Spectrum project this week on The Ben Heck Show. Watch as the project comes full circle in Part 2.

    Supporting Files

    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!


    Build Like Ben: Part List for building your ZX Spectrum project:

    QtyProduct NameSupplier
    20.1uf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1100pf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1010k Resistor, 125 mW, ± 5%element14Buy NowBuy Now
    110k Resistor, 100 mW, ± 1%element14Buy NowBuy Now
    110k Resistor, 125 mW, ± 1%element14Buy NowBuy Now
    210nf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    210uf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    210uf Electrolytic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    112v Step Up Regulator (from 5v)element14Buy NowBuy Now Buy NowBuy Now
    1150k Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    2150pf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    3150R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    115pf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    215R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    116pf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1180R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    121k Resistor, 125 mWelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    11k Resistor, 100 mWelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    11k5 Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1220k Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    622nf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    322uf Electrolytic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    32k2 Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    13.5mm Mono Cableelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1330R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    233pf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1390R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    13k Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1IQD Crystalelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    8470R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    147nf Ceramic Capacitorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    14k7 Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    15k1 Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    7680R Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    88K2 Resistorelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Buzzer Speakerelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Charge Management Controllerelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    10Diodeelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1D-Type Flip Flopelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Heat Sinkelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Inverterelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Mini USB Receptacle element14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Mono Input Jackelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    2Multiplexerelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    2NPN Transistor, 100 mAelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    5NPN Transistor, 600 mAelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1On/Off Toggle Switchelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1OR Gateelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    2RAMelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Red LEDelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Reset Tac Switchelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1ROMelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    41Tall Push Button Switcheselement14Buy NowBuy Now Buy NowBuy Now
    1Z80A CPUelement14Buy NowBuy Now


    Parts Not Sold by element14

    1PAL Compatible LCD Screen 9vAdafruit
    1LM1889N TV Modulator
    17.4v Lithium Ion Battery