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    • USB to I2C interface
    • 8x10 Keypad
    • USB Powered no external supply required

    The Texas Instruments (TI) LM8330 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the LM8330 I2C ™ Keyscan Controller. The LM8330 keyscan operates from a 1.8V supply and supports 7- and 10-bit I2C addressing in both Standard (100 kHz) and Fast (400 kHz) modes. It offers exceptional ESD performance designed to tolerate IEC6100-4-2 level 4 ± 8 kV direct contact. With 20 configurable GPIO pins, it can support 12x8 keypad array. This operation frees the processor from scanning the keypad for presses and releases, thus saving power and bandwidth of the system.

    The LM8330EVM serves as an I2C interface adapter between a host PC, the LM8330, and/or other I2C- compatible devices externally connected to the EVM. The communication between the EVM and host PC is via USB (through a standard type-A to type-B USB cable), while the communication between the EVM, the LM8330, and/or other slave devices is via I2C bus. The EVM converts communication transactions between the USB and I2C. The LM8330EVM is a USB powered device with no external power supply required.


    • Mobile Phones
    • Qwerty Keyboard
    • Universal Remote