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    Intel� Edison Compute Module


    The Intel® Edison Compute Module is designed to lower the barriers to entry for anyone prototyping and producing IoT and wearable computing products. Intel® Edison contains core system processing and connectivity elements: Processor and processor power management IC, RAM, eMMC, and Wi-Fi/BT. Intel® Edison is a module that interfaces with end-user systems via a 70-pin connector. Intel® Edison relies on the end-user to provide input power, and overall system power management, such as battery recharging for battery-powered systems.



    • High-performance, dual-core CPU and single-core microcontroller supports complex data collection in a low-power package
    • Exposes native 1.8 V I/O of the Edison module
    • 0.1 inch grid I/O array of through-hole so lder points
    • USB OTG with USB Micro Type-AB connector
    • USB OTG power switch
    • Battery charger
    • USB to device UART bridge with USB micro Type-B connector
    • DC power supply jack (7 to 15 VDC input)
    • Integrated Wi-Fi* certified in 68 countries, Bluetooth* 4.0 support, 1 GB DDR and 4 GB FLASH memory simplifies configuration and increases scalability
    • 40 multiplexed GPIO interfaces with expansion board options for total project design and flexibility

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