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    LPC54102 Sensor Processing/Motion Solution


    The LPCX54102 Sensor Processing/Motion Solution has been developed by NXP and its partners to provide all that you need to develop an always-on sensor processing product. The Solution combines an LPCX54102 board and a Sensor Shield Board (SSB), plus application software and sensor fusion software from Bosch Sensortec to provide a highly capable platform for always-on sensor processing.



    • LPC54102 MCU in an LQFP64 package
    • Built-in Link2 high-speed USB based debug probe and option for an external debug probe
    • Tri-color LED, target Reset, ISP and WAKE buttons
    • On-board regulators for 1.8 V or 3.3 V supply or external power supply options
    • Built-in MCU power consumption, sensor board and supply voltage measurement
    • UART, I²C and SPI port bridging from LPC54102 target to USB via Link2 device
    • Sensor Shield Board Bosch Sensortec sensors: BMI055 inertial measurement unit BMC150 digital compass, BMM150 magnetometer and BMP280 pressure/temperature sensor
    • Murata ZPA2326 pressure sensor
    • MAX44000 ambient light and proximity sensor
    • ACKme AMS0002 Bluetooth LE module
    • IR remote control transmitter/receiver
    • Dual Knowles digital microphones
    • Headers for easy prototyping of additional SPI and I²C sensors
    • Supported by NXP Sensor Framework and Bosch Sensortec BSX Lite sensor fusion library, available for free download at (subject to license terms and conditions)

    Ships With

    • LPC54102 Development Board
    • Sensor Shield Board
    • Micro USB cable



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